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Every medication or treatment has, at one time or another, been through the clinical trial process. Trials are an important step in medical research and help develop new treatment options for all kinds of conditions, both common and rare. Participating is always completely free.

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What is a clinical trial?

During a trial, researchers work to determine how successfully a medication treats a specific condition. They also gather data on proper dosage, possible side effects, and compare the new treatment to what’s already available. The Food and Drug Administration monitors all clinical trials in the US and provides strict guidelines to help ensure volunteers stay safe.

Benefits of clinical trials

Participating in a clinical trial may allow you to access new treatments that are otherwise unavailable and can help you get a better understanding of your health.

• Participating is always completely free.
• You may receive financial compensation for your time once enrolled.
• Receive care from a face and name you trust at Dr. Mintz’ practice.
• You’ll be contributing to medical knowledge and helping develop new treatment options for yourself and people like you!

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Dr. Mintz partners with DelRicht Research to conduct clinical trials through his practice. DelRicht Research works with doctors across the country to carry out studies, and has helped more than 600,000 people to-date take a more active role in their healthcare decisions. To learn more about the studies enrolling at Dr. Mintz’ office, please visit their website or call directly at (240) 483-4226.